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As we continue to expand this area of our website, we will look to add additional publication types. Digitaloptometrics i learn more about teleoptometry exams. Please post your comments, questions, andor suggestions here. Hfss tutorial 1 microstrip patch antenna with coaxial feeding duration. Other solvers are hfss ie solver, transient solver and po solver.

Have a electromagnetics or microwave engineering question or do you need help with your simulations. Basic interferometry and optical testing two beam interference fizeau interferometer twymangreen interferometer laser based fizeau machzehnder interferometer typical interferograms interferograms and moire patterns classical techniques for inputting data into computer james c. Optimetrics automates the design optimization process for highperformance electronic devices by quickly identifying optimal values for design parameters that satisfy userspecified constraints. Design and analysis of slot antenna parameters using hfss. Uh is home the first fullscale diagnostic lab for retinal diagnosis in the country. How to parameterize everything in ansys ozen engineering. The objective of this tutorial is to simulate a microstrip patch antenna resonating at a. Eferences fig7 3d polar plot of patch array antenna from the figure above, the aceived gain was 12. Fundamental principles, concepts, and use slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The example will illustrate both the simplicity and power of. The student community is a public forum for authorized ansys academic product users to share ideas and ask questions. Page replacement algorithm page replacement algorithms are the techniques using which operating system decides which memory pages to swap out.

It is not intended as, and cannot take the place of a textbook. Ansoft corporation hfss field calculator cookbook ansoft hfss field calculator cookbook a brief primer and collection of stepbystep calculator recipes for use in hfss fields postprocessing notice. Reference literature, a list of specialist terms and tables are contained in the newly arranged appendix. Absract in this paper, a rectangular microstrip patch antenna is designed. Book download, pdf download, read pdf, download pdf, kindle download. Ansys hfss physical optics solver hfss offers a physical optics po solver as part of the ie solver.

Now that youve completed this tutorial you understand how to create new designs in hfss position and size parts using variables modify parts using boolean operators like subtract navigate view in hfss edit material properties and aesthetic properties assign wave ports calculate waveguide mode cutoff. Application for credit optical prescription lab opl. The high frequency structure simulator hfss is widely recognized as the tool that brought the power of the finite element method to threedimensional 3d rf and microwave design. Download ansys workbench tutorial by lawrence kent the exercises in the ansys workbench tutorial release 10 introduce the reader to effective engineering problem solving through the use of this powerful modeling, simulation and optimization tool. Fig 6 design of single patch antenna in hfss simulation results the 2x2 patch array antenna is simulated using ansoft hfss. Hfss eigenmode dispersion diagram parallel plate tutorial. Optimization of a dual band slot antenna using ansys hfss and. Compute the wavelength and save it to a variable wl. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

Hfss benefits from multiple stateoftheart solver technologies, allowing users to match the appropriate solver to any simulation need. Tutorials, articles and textbooks ansys student community. Hfss tutorial starting ansoft hfss click themicrosoft start button,select programs and select the ansofthfss9hfss9 or double click the hfss9 icon on the desktop \ creating projects. Index click here to open the index of the online help. Index terms list of keywords that are used in the article should be written. Ansys optimetrics is a versatile software program that adds parametric, optimization, sensitivity and statistical analysis capabilities to ansys hfss, ansys maxwell and ansys q3d extractor. Pdf design and simulation of slotted rectangular microstrip. A new project is automatically created when hfss is launched. Digitaloptometrics has developed new optical software which permits patients at an optical exam location to receive a comprehensive eye health examination to be performed by a licensed optometrist from a location remote from the patient.

The parameters evaluated were gain, beamwidth and return loss. A single bullet indicates that the procedure has only one step. Slots in the ground plane of rectangular patch we designed microstrip patch antenna with multiple number of slots. However, do not expect an in depth discussion of all topics, as these are covered in the stepbystep manual from siemens and the plant. Rcs predictions from a method of moments and a finite. The following is a random selection of text from the basic opticians tutorial basic measurements for eyewear a number of eyecare professionals have been taught various ways of measuring a patients pupillary distance and while this author recognizes that it is possible to utilize each one, for simplicity purposes, i will explain the most. In order to get starting with hfss, the attached tutorial link will be so beneficial for you, and you will be able to understand and learn quickly. How points move in images is really important disparity in stereo pairs tells us the. To obtain the field patterns, intrinsic impedance and wavelength for the first 4 modes. The horizontal transmit, horizontal receive hh rcs calculated using the mom code is shown as the darkgreen curve, which is about 1 db lower than the rcs predicted by hfss. Basic interferometry and optical testing university of arizona. Topics that are covered include solid modeling, stress analysis, conductionconvection heat transfer, thermal stress, vibration and buckling.

Analysis and design of rectangular microstrip patch. Also shown in the project tree are the various optometric setups. The base hfss offering includes 3d and layout interfaces, 2. Our technical publications for optical systems are currently general tutorials indicated by red dots in the boxes below. Pdf high frequency structure simulator hfss tutorial.

Rectangular waveguide hfss r objective getting started with hfss a tutorial using hfss, simulate an airfilled wr90 waveguide shown above. The tutorial on using hfss s eigenmode solver to obtain the dispersion diagram of a parallel plate has just been posted. Hfss is an interactive simulation system whose basic mesh element is a. Hfss design files may be opened with hfss by double clicking and the iconname of an hfss design file, which is saved with an extension of. Book hfss user manual hfss user manual hfss user manual pdf hfss version user manual hfss users guide hfss manual v hfss manual my book for mac user manual hfss v hfss 15 hfss hfss samsung galaxy book w727v user manual reflectarray hfss ansys hfss hfss tutorial hfss tee waveguide junction user guide vs user manual user manual vs. Hfss hybrid finite element and integral equation solver for large scale electromagnetic design and simulation arien sligar senior application engineer arien. To access online help from the hfss menu bar, click help and select from the menu.

Analysis must include first three modes te10, te20, te01 3. Dispensing opticians who know what goes on behind the lab door not only communicate with patients with more authority, it also helps you ask the right questions when calling. Hfss tuning this is a screenshot of the hfss model that was created from the two tunings between hfss and designer. Open hfss and save a new project a project is a collection of one or more designs that is saved in a single. Getting started with hfss v9 for antenna design october, 2003 this getting started training material is intended for new users of hfss. Seach click here to open the search function of the online help. High frequency structure simulator for 3d electromagenetics hfss is a platform that includes multiple simulation technologies for component or system design. This asymptotic method is extremely useful when solving very large electromagnetic radiation and scattering problems. Inside uhs optometric clinical skills simulation lab. Integration of ansys hfss and ansys designxplorer offers new valuable insights into behavior of em designs entire solution space of hfss design can be investigated using builtin or custom doe algorithms provides powerful 3d and 2d visualization of solution space to evaluate performance trends. The the simulator of structures high frequency of ansoft hfss high frequency structural simulator is a. Pdf ansys workbench tutorial by lawrence kent book free. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.

Welcome to the 2002 ansoft hfss ensemble users workshop 2 an introduction to hfss optimetrics tm optimetrics tm can take control of your model to achieve performance improvements over initial designs lawrence unterberger matt commens hf applications engineers ansoft corporation 3 agenda w hfss overview w what is optimetrics tm w optimetrics. The user interface is similar enough in these tools so that the same instructions apply. Hfss is the latest honeywell silent knight programming software designed for the 6000 series line of fire alarm control panels. Ansys hfss tutorial simulate and analyze an example of trace and via tianjian lu 02014 tianjian lu ece 546. Micro strip slot antenna becomes very popular day by day because of its ease of analysis and fabrication, low cost, light weight, easy to feed and their attractive radiation characteristics. Please check out the ansoft high frequency structure simulation hfss tutorials which provide valuable insight for use in your own hfss simulation setups. Hfss tutorial courserepsecen452spring2016 wiki github. Ansoft hfss material manager go back contents index material database the material database consists of a group of predefined materials that may be assigned to individual objects in a model.

Optimetrics analysis ansys maxwell v16 training manual. It can be used as a highimpedance surface and act like a artifical magnetic conductor. Analysis and design of rectangular microstrip patch antenna. Hfss tutorial pdf hfss tutorial pdf are you looking for ebook hfss tutorial pdf. With our online resources, you can find hfss tutorial or just about any type of ebooks, for any type of product. Hfss ie is effective for radiation and scattering studies of large, mostly conducting structures. Heather anderson, assistant professor in the uh college of optometry, was instrumental in bringing the stateoftheart optometric clinical skills simulation lab to uh. Ogunlade michael adegoke, ismael saad eltoum department of electronics engineering. This training will focus on standard hfss fem solver, hfss ie solver and hybrid methods of solving which use both. Ansys high frequency structure simulator hfss tutorial. This is the supplier profile of optometrics corporation, with address and other contact information, and with registered photonics products. Thus in this tutorial, a dipole antenna will be constructed and analyzed using the hfss simulator.

Problem description getting started create the 3d model analysis setup plot sparameters vs. Vayada, arti patel abstract microstrip patch antenna is widely used because of its advantages but main drawback is its narrow bandwidth, to overcome this drawback software like hfss, cadfeko can be used for optimum patch design that includes design patch and. If you want to use optimization algorithms such as ga and etc, in specific problem such as hfss, its better to write yourself. Simulator software hfsss optometric is used for the permeability of. We added up to 15 slots in the ground plane with 3 mm spacing. A guide for optometrists, contact lens opticians and dispensing opticians pdf. Open hfss and save the default project by a new name. Analysis and design of rectangular microstrip patch antenna at 2.

For the optimization analysis of the antenna design, hfsss optometric analysis. Organizer of the study program unit or institute, faculty, department faculty of medical sciences university goce delchev stip 5. This is a absolute cassette that comes from good author to part when you. Due to the lack of an explicit constraints on a jobs address space size. Use ansys hfss to design antenna element and integrate into phone platform. Double ridge crosswaveguide bidirectional coupler using. This results are obtain by ansoft hfss using the finite.

A variable was created and swept to find the best value for the power division between ports two and three. You specify the name of the project when you save it using the file save or. In this paper, we employ a computer code, developed by the authors, which utilizes the nonuniform and conformal fdtd techniques, to analyze a class of planar antennas, viz. As a practical example, if hfss is used to model a pair of coplanar.

Fundamentals of photonics 296 2000 university of connecticut introduction since its invention in the early 1970s, the use of and demand for optical fiber have. The objective is to provide a very thorough introduction to hfss as applied to antenna design, which may be followed stepbystep in hfss with the investment of only a few hours of time. You will be glad to know that right now hfss tutorial pdf is available on our online library. Differential techniques global methods horn and schunck 1st order nagel 2nd order local methods lucas and kanade. Select the negative yz face of the unitcell and assign a master boundary condition mx. Optimetrics is an emag specific optimization tool that is complimentary to designxplorer. Presentation overview introduction to ansys electromagnetics low frequency electromagnetics maxwell high frequency electromagnetics hfss conclusions. Hfss expands on the previous skss platform and is required for programming the 6700, 6808, 6820 and 6820evs panels. The variables are what this model translates to in designer in mm. The most important features of plant simulation are introduced and used in examples. In po, a radiation source is used to illuminate the geometry, thus inducing po currents that then reradiate. You can even use a linked hfss simulation as the source. The sievenpiper mushroom structure has also been widely used to realize lefthanded metamaterials negative refractive index since it can be designed to support a dominant quasitem backward wave i. Where can i find ansys support resources tutorials.

Dispensing opticians and ophthalmic lab technicians unfortunately rarely cross paths. When accessing these from workbench, a designxplorer node is created under the optimetrics portion of the tree. In hfss gives the three dimension and bending technigues is very easy compared to the other softwares. Global material database the global material database is the primary material database used throughout all maxwell software.

Optometrics corporation, profile with contact details and. Apr 19, 2016 contribute to courserepsecen452 spring2016 development by creating an account on github. Entire solution space of hfss design can be investigated using builtin or custom doe algorithms provides powerful 3d and 2d visualization of solution space to evaluate performance trends distributed solve option can be used to further increase simulation throughput. Repository of ansys simulation technology based textbooks used by faculty. It can be used to calculate the s parameter and resonant frequency. Hfss ansys hfss is a 3d electromagnetic em simulation software for designing and simulating highfrequency electronic products such as antennas, antenna arrays, rf or microwave components, highspeed interconnects, filters, connectors, ic packages and printed circuit boards. Pdf analysis and design of rectangular microstrip patch antenna. Now that youve completed this tutorial you understand how to create new designs in hfss position and size parts using variables modify parts using boolean operators like subtract navigate view in hfss edit material properties and aesthetic properties. Contents click here to open the contents of the online help.

The handbook of ophthalmic optics is intended both as systematic reading material and due to its extensive listing of optical terms a reference work. Increasing microstrip patch antenna bandwidth by inserting. Hfss can be used to distance bw lower corner 11 11. For a pc platform, hfss may be launched by double clicking the windows desktop icon shown or via the start button.

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