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Divergent study guide contains a biography of veronica roth, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Need help on characters in veronica roths divergent. The movie follows our young soon to be hero beatrice prior as she tries to decide which faction to choose to live in. He started out in abnegation like she did, but shocked everyone when he decided to go to erudite. I am already halfway through the second book insurgent divergent, book 2 which i only started last night after finishing divergent and wow the series impossibly is getting better the more i read. Divergent is an amazing book, it has amazing characters and an awesome plot. Mar 02, 2015 this is a quick book summary of divergent by veronica roth. Beatrice prior is a 16yearold girl who serves as the novels protagonist and narrator. The divergent quotes below are all either spoken by tobias four or refer to tobias four. Veronica roth has a fear of heights, like four character of the book. She is the writer of both the book divergent and insurgent. If an aggressive dog sat before you, ready to attack a helpless little girl, would you use a slice of cheese. Presentation by jett hollister author information veronica roth was born on august 19, 1988.

Also, divergent had a lot of character building to fill the book. The book has been awarded with georgia peach book award 2012, evergreen teen book award 2014 and many others. In beatrice priors dystopian chicago world, society is divided into. She often struggled with knowing if shed chosen the right path, but when she followed her own.

Beatrice, or tris, is the protagonist and heroine of divergent. She was raised in barrington, illinois and wrote divergent when she was supposed to be doing school work at northwestern. Free download or read online divergent pdf epub book. Divergent is the first novel in the dystopian fiction series by veronica roth. The setting of this book takes place in chicago in a time in the future. For example, peter, a dauntless initiate who transferred from candor, is one of the novels minor antagonists. The main characters of this young adult, science fiction story are albert, drew leighton divergent. Divergent is a book about a girl, who, as you may know, choses recklessness and violence above a peaceful structured life with her family. The story takes place mainly in the dauntless, abnegation, and erudite compound.

The hero of this novel is beatrice prior, who goes by tris once she joins her faction. Theme i think that the theme of this book is to be yourself. It tells the story of a future version of chicago where society is divided into factions, including the selfless, the peaceful, the honest, the brave and the intelligent. In the third book of the series allegiant, tris conquers this fear and therefore her total number. This study guide consists of approximately 38 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of divergent. Its funny that we dont see a lot of the big bosses in this book. Divergent by veronica roth is a young adult book that stands out from the rest. Peter is a bully, eric is kind of a sociopath, but the real big bad in divergent is jeanine. Throughout the course of the first novel, peter is shown to be cruel, antagonistic, illtempered and easily jealous. Fourteen people from three different factions are united to read the divergent trilogy and stop the war.

However, faithful readers of the book will be sorrily disappointed. Divergent is a dystopian novel in which all of society is divided into five factions, based on the dominant aspect of ones personality. Order of divergent books the divergent trilogy is a series of dystopian fictionscience fiction novels by american novelist veronica roth. Divergent book summary divergent analysis activities.

Beatrice prior is the main character and narrator of divergent and insurgent. Divergent characters divergent factions book and movie news. Bud has the divergent book in his possession and has been waiting for the right time to kidnap twelve people from dauntless so that they can read the books and try to change the future. Unable to conform to the humble ideals of abnegation, her home faction, she joins dauntless, where she struggles to be both brave and unselfish. Discuss the theme of family and its effect on the characters of divergent. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one. Jeanine matthews appears in divergent and insurgent, serving as the main antagonist in both novels. Much like most people after the hunger games, i was looking for a new young adult dystopian series to read. This book to movie adaptation wasnt terrible, especially if your only knowledge of divergent was from the trailer. Characters character list beatrice tris prior the intelligent, courageous sixteenyearold protagonist. This is a list of major and minor characters in the divergent book trilogy and its subsequent film.

Divergent characters divergent factions book and movie. In a world where everyone was just part of a group, tris stood out and gained power from knowing that she could be herself. Divergent by veronica roth divergent series book summary. Young adult books divergent by veronica roth the new. The first edition of the novel was published in april 25th 2011, and was written by veronica roth. I happened across divergent and wow i was absolutely hooked. She has grown up in abnegation but never felt that she belongs there. In divergent everyone lives in this dystopian society where they are separated by there traits and attributes. We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another. Some believe that uriahs purpose in the first book wasnt that important, while others that love the character still call heresy on it.

Listeners will find more of this charismatic character s. Divergent is a great book that kept me wondering what was going to happen next i caught myself reading for hours not being able to put the book down. She is divergent and will lead a rebellion that could destroy society as they know it. Beatrice tris prior, four tobias, jeanine matthews, eric, al, peter, christina, will, molly, drew, tori, marcus, edward, caleb prior, natalie prior, andrew prior, uriah, myra, lauren. Divergent veronica roth character analysis studypool. The divergent series is a really young adult book, conveying with it every one of the tropes and ideological flawlessness fundamental when composing sixteen year olds. The attic divergent guide the divergent divergente portugal divergent society crazy about theo james divergents uk the faction four the fandemonium network my divergence is real blog saga divergente faction fandom. Free lesson plans include activities for plot, conflict, characters. View mobile site jokeypsych endgamehonest galaxyquest. The trismain character in the movie is older, then the tris in the book. Born in the abnegation faction to andrew and natalie prior, she describes herself as having pale blonde hair, wide grayblue eyes, a long, thin nose and a short and skinny stature.

Beatrice, the main character, has different results than others. He terrorizes beatrice and her friends, stabbing one boy in the eye and arranging an attempted murder of beatrice. Ansel elgort plays caleb prior in the 2014 divergent, 2015 the divergent series. The creators of sparknotes divergent characters from litcharts.

There are many antagonists of differing levels of importance and power. Its okay to make a wrong choice in divergent because every mistake is a learning experience that will help the character the next time. Divergent is the debut novel of american novelist veronica roth, published by harper collins childrens books in 2011. Beatrice tris prior the trilogys heroine, beatrice was born in abnegation, one of the five factions and the. Pdf divergent book by veronica roth free download 487. If there was one person you could kill, who would it be.

Beatrice prior, the narrator and protagonist of divergent, is a smart and stubborn sixteenyearold girl. The story and characters, constantly essential in a ya book, and they are splendid. I ended up reading all the books very fast with divergent being my. Main characters there are many characters in the book, divergent, however, these are the ones that matter the most. Beatricetris prior beatrice prior is a 16yearold girl who serves as the novels protagonist and narrator. In divergent readers learn tris has seven fears, one of which is a fear of intimacy with four. Listeners first encountered tobias as four in divergent. The combination of very real characters and an original plot make this an absolute must read. Beatrice tris prior is the viewpoint character in divergent and insurgent, and shares the viewpoint character role in allegiant with tobias four eaton. The list is provided in alphabetical order along with a short description of each character. The only characters who succeed in this book are those who contemplate all the options and choose among them. Divergent became my favorite book when i first read it last may, and it still is my most favorite book. In beatrice priors dystopian chicago world, society is divided into five factions, each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtuecandor the honest, abnegation the selfless, dauntless the brave, amity the peaceful, and erudite the intelligent.

She is told not to tell anyone because people fear the divergent, and they dont understand them. Fans of the divergent series by numberone new york times bestselling author veronica roth will be thrilled by four. Join tris, four, christina, will, uriah, zeke, lynn, marlene, peter, eric, marcus, caleb, natalie and andrew as they read the first book. Divergent characters from litcharts the creators of sparknotes. Divergent opens as beatrice is still living with her. Tobias is one of the most mysterious characters in the book. The initiation instructor for the dauntless transfer initiates, including tris. In 20 the movie was shot based on the book divergent. Pdf divergent book by veronica roth free download 487 pages. Beatrice tris prior, four tobias, jeanine matthews, eric, al, peter. The novel divergent features a postapocalyptic version of chicago and follows beatrice tris prior as she explores her identity within a society that. Christina also shares beatrices strong sense of competitiveness. Divergent characters the divergent book series by veronica roth divergent characters wheres all the dauntless born initiates. Divergent uncovered chapter 1, a divergent trilogy fanfic.

Beatrice is sixteen as the story opens and is faced with deciding which faction she will join for the rest of her life. Like his younger sister, caleb shocked his family by choosing. I am absolutely hooked to the divergent world and the book was literally unputdownable. Thank you, veronica roth, for the divergent series. Be brave dauntless trapped in societys strict aptitude protocol, tris finds herself in danger when discovering that she does not fit into any of the categories. Much like the heroine of a jane austen novel, beatrice prior ends up learning a lot about herself. There are five factions, abnegation, candor, dauntless, erudite, and amity. Although tobias used to be a highly promising warrior and strategist for the dauntless, he chose to devote his life to training new dauntless recruits instead of settling into a powerful government position, as most people of his abilities would do. I couldnt help imagining this world as i read divergent, the first in a planned trilogy of young adult novels set in a dystopian future and written by veronica roth, who sold the book in. The novel is the first of the divergent trilogy, a series of young adult dystopian novels set in a divergent universe. With any great book theres likable characters and in divergent you fall in love. He is usually seen with his two lackeys, molly atwood and drew and his behavior is often unpredictable and violent. Insurgent already has the main characters and so needs something else to fill the pages.

If you are a fan of ya and dystopian and are one of the rare. Divergent is based on a series of young adult novels i havent read and i will never do so, and the producers obviously expect to shoot sequels, so this first film establishes the absurd postapocalyptic world, the bland characters and the obligatory conspiracy in which nothing is like it seems translation. Okay, onto divergent the book versus divergent the movie. The divergent characters are quite memorable, but just in case you have forgotten we have a list of names from veronica roths book. Initially, she lives with her mother, father, and brother in abnegation, the faction focused on selflessness and humility, but its clear as the novel opens that she isnt at home there. The book was published in multiple languages including english, consists of 487 pages and is available in paperback format. In the book, roth examines how family dynamics affect the heroine, her allies. This is a list of all the characters in the divergent series.

There are many characters in the book, divergent, however, these are the ones that matter the most. She knows that it must look ideal from the outside, but she finds its uniformity stifling and feels that she is not sufficiently selfless to be. In the book tris was 16 when she had to choose faction, but in the book tris was 18 when she chose faction. Heres the animation i created about one of my favourite books called divergent written by veronica roth. It is also very sad and tragic, especially allegiant. But then gets killed by tris edward and myra beatrice family tobias eaton four tori and christina tori was beatice aptitude test administer who relized.

This takes the form of a lot of emotion fighting, teenage love problems, and inner demons to battle against. From childhood, beatrice grew up living a plain, simple, and uncolorful life, though she finds its. The tattoos of divergent explained with the latest book tofilm adaptation hitting the big screen this weekend, were giving you moviegoers a quick refresher on some of the book s details. Divergent characters from litcharts the creators of. Take the quiz to find out which divergent character you are most like. Georgie was divergent like tris is, and when the dauntless bosss found that out, they offed him and made it look like a suicide 20.

Fandom apps take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He was a transfer from erudite who laters has a relationship with christina. The character of tobias four in divergent from litcharts. Divergent major events timeline timetoast timelines. She has lived her whole life with her family in her faction, abnegation, the home of the selfless. The abusive father of tobias eaton and a member of the abnegation city council along with andrew prior. The announcement that uriah will be cut from divergent and saved for the sequel, the divergent series. Susan and robert black susan and robert black are neighbors to the prior family. Related questions and answers for characters in divergent. Divergent triss character changes by joopy117 on prezi. A divergent collection, a companion volume that includes four pre divergent stories told from tobias point of view.

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